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There’s a Dragon in my Woods

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I’ll tell you a secret.
There’s a dragon in the woods by my house and no body knows but me
Its because I’m good at detecting and I look for clues.
He’s a pretty sneaky dragon who is either invisible or really good a t hiding because no one has ever seen him but I know he’s there.
He leaves lots of clues.Dragons leftovers
Like this pile of woods, he’s been chewing it, see how the bark is falling off and its in pieces. That’s how I know he’s been here. He leaves lots of these lying all around the woods by my place. Some times he leaves them in piles, some times he leaves them in lines, but he must like eating trees, because there are so many piles.
Though I don’t know why anyone would want to eat trees, they don’t look very tasty to me.
See this tree he has pulled it out to save for later. He must be pretty strong to pull out a tree like this one. Its huge!
I think he likes the trees where they have gone a bit rotten, Mummy calls it decomposing and the leaves on the ground do it too. I think it makes it nice and soft so he doesn’t get splinters in his tongue.

I this where he sleeps, its nice and big and is blocked from the wind so he stays nice and warm. Plus there are lots of leaves around at the moment to make a big soft mound to sleep on. I want to sneak in at night to go see if I can catch him sleeping but Mummy says its too dangerous, I suppose she is right, waking up a dragon could be very dangerous indeed.
I think he is really a friendly dragon though, that wants to come play but is a bit scared of us, that’s why he leaves me clues so I can find him.
I hope one day he stops being scared so I can play with him

Note: some parts of this story are a little bit similar to one of my favourite books while growing up ‘The Lion in the Meadow’ by Margaret Mahy. Awesome book worth checking out if you have small children.


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I am a full time mum to my two children, I blog very sporadically about life and things that interest me.

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